Who Abuses Zanaflex And Why?

People who receive a prescription for medicine tizanidine are at risk of abusing this drug and developing a strong addiction.

An NCBI case study reports a case of a 31- year old woman who started to take too many tizanidine pills after starting her muscle contracture therapy.

This patient was advised to take 2 mg every 24 hours. Shortly after commencing her therapy, this woman increased her tizanidine capsule intake to 2 mg per 3 hours! This means that the patient presented here ingested more than ten tizanidine tablets daily.

Various symptoms appeared soon after this patient began to increase her Zanaflex dose. This patient likely wanted to quickly resolve the muscular issues for which she received a drug prescription in the first place.

What is Zanaflex high? It’s important to note that there is no such thing as tizanidine high euphoria, and people who acquire Zanaflex addiction usually want to reverse the symptoms of their medical condition.
Nevertheless, some people indulge in concurrent abuse with other psychoactive substances and medicines.

This type of use can cause a plethora of health complications. To preclude this, always consult a doctor.

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