What to do if we have prolonged headache after hitting our head?

What to do if we have prolonged headache after hitting our head?
My friend hit her head on a tree forcefully. It swells on that area and she had a headache. After 2 days swelling is gone but she had headache. Since the day she hit she is having the headache. Now it’s more than a month and even now she had the headache. What should she do? Is it critical?
Will it be dangerous?

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Answer by MP_doc
She ought to go to the doctor… it sounds like she may have suffered a concussion. It’s really best to get it checked out, as it can lead to other problems down the road if not treated.

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  1. It could be dangerous because a head ache of one month duration (specially if the pain throbs and is progressive or is severe in that it affects her activities) may signify an ongoing damage inside hear head specially if its from that forceful traumatic event. If her blood pressure is quite low then there might be an occult internal bleeding happening. It could also be a minute fracture or an inflammation inside her head. There are many possible probabilities and more information must be asked from her and tests to be done to be certain. For temporary relief, take pain killers and see a doctor immediately.

  2. That is just a little case of whiplash where the muscles in the neck got tight from trying to keep the head straight while the tree wanted to place her head in another place. Once she releases the muscles in her neck the headache will be gone. Here is how to release the muscles:
    For your neck:
    place your hand alongside your head and push your thumb in under your ear and place it on the muscle there. Take your fingers and place them on the back of your neck on the muscles there. Press them together and hold a good amount of pressure on them. Then relax, take a deep breath and exhale. After 30 seconds you should be feeling the muscle going limp under the pressure. Continue to hold until the entire muscle has gone limp, then lean your head forward as far as you can, release the pressure but hold your head there for another 30 seconds.
    If all the pain doesn’t go away at first, she should try doing it one more time.

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