What can the emergency room do to help my migraine headaches ?

What can the emergency room do to help my migraine headaches ?
I feel so bad i have migraine headaches and it hurts so bad and i feel like i want to throw up, i couldn’t even go to school. My parents thinking of taking me into the emergency room for my migraines. What can they do to help me ? Are they going to hospitalized me ? I’m scared please help me !

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Answer by coolmomma
Hello, I hate to say this but they can do nothing. U need to see a neurologist to get mecication for the migraines. I know i had to do it myself.

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  1. usually nothing except maybe have the doctor refer you to a specialist. most of the time they’ll give you a happy pill and send you on your way…… hope this helps

  2. They will probably give you some meds for pain and refer you to a neuro doc, which is a good thing so they can rule out any major stuff. Then you can get to the bottom of the reasons for your h/a’s and get treatment.

  3. It sounds like this is your first migraine? Never been diagnosed before?The ER will likely *not* keep you in-patient for very long unless they find your headache is triggered by something more than the mystery of “migraine” like a brain tumor, cyst, clot, that sort of thing. Most likely they’ll give you a shot of some kind of triptan like Imitrex (www.imitrex.com), some form of anti-inflammatory/NSAID, possibly a narcotic like morphine, and/or an anti-anxiety drug or muscle relaxant. It all depends on the doctor and their initial review of your particular situation.

    I would recommend that after your ER visit, you see your regular doctor for an rx of some Epidrin (www.midrin.org) and to keep it with you at all times so you can take it when needed. It’s a pain reliever, muscle relaxant, and vein constrictor all in one.

    Good luck..

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