Why do I prefer Ultram to a narcodic?

Why do I prefer Ultram to a narcodic?
For migraines, nothing beats fioricet, but for lower back I find 400 mg of Ultram to be much better than a few hydrocodones. How come hydrocodones don’t put me in la la land like everyone else? They are just ok.

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Answer by vanhammer
Different people have different chemistry’s and therefore different medications act or work better for some than others. Hydrocodone will only put you in “la-la land”) if you don’t really need it for pain. If taking for recreation or to get a buzz but have no real pain, then they will give you that “high” people speak of. I live with severe chronic pain and none of my medications make me high or give me that “la-la land” feeling. Sometimes I wish they would to help me escape where I am!! If Ultram works for you, then stick with it. That’s what I started on over 10 years ago. I wish it still worked for me. Take care & feel better.

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